Arkadia Underground

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Resources Map
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Arkadia Underground offers 64 sq km's of caverns to explore, hunt and mine. Mining in Arkadia Underground utilizes the "Indoor mining logic" as previously experienced by participants on Calypso’s FOMA, Rocktropia’s HELL and Monria's Caverns areas, which is different than "planet-side" mining logic.

The rules for "Indoor Mining" logic differs in one key aspect: the nominal finder range is reduced, thus the chances of finding a claim are greatly reduced. Because of this, the TT Value of claims that are found is also significantly larger that the typical mining claim found planet-side.

It's worth mentioning that there are no warnings to let players know that the Underground uses different rules when it comes to mining; that being said, this area is targeted more towards seasoned miners.

Vehicles are usable throughout the Underground area, but Teleport Chips are not. Also, the Sal'diresh's Vaults are located in the Arkadia Underground.

Uderground - Area 1
EnMatter Ore Treasure

Alicene Liquid Alferix Aakas Alloy
Azur Pearls Banite Bronze Alloy
Devil's Tail Gazzurite Chemset
Gorbek Emulsion Lysterium Mosquito Amber
Sweetstuff Wenrex Songkra Alloy
Xelo Haze - -
Uderground - Area 2
EnMatter Ore Treasure

Garcen Grease Copper Aarkan Pellet
Melchi Crystal Ospra Chemset
Pel Crystal Telfium Mosquito Amber
Quil Sap - -
Star Particle - -
Uderground - Area 3
EnMatter Ore Treasure

Alicene Liquid Alferix Aakas Alloy
Ares Head Azzurite Aarkan Pellet
Binary Fluid Banite Bronze Alloy
Cave Sap Copper Chemset
Dianthus Liquid Erionite Part of Fossil Tooth
Edres Resin Gazzurite Khorudoul Extrusion
Force Nexus Ignisium Songtil Agent
Garcen Grease Iron Khorum Alloy
Lumis Leach Kaz Quenta Panel
Vorn Pellets Lysterium Fossil Annonite
Zolphic Oil Ospra -
- Niksarium -
- Telfium -
- Veda -
Uderground - Area 4
EnMatter Ore Treasure

Crude Oil Iolite Chemset
Energized Crystal Lysterium Fossil Annonite
Growth Molecule Quantium Part of Fossil Tooth
Henren Stem Yulerium Mosquito Amber
Megerian Mist Wenrex -
Star Particle Zulax -
Solis Bean - -

Uderground - Area 5
EnMatter Ore Treasure

Ares Head Erionite -
Dianthus Liquid Ignisium -
Force Nexus Iron -
Vorn Pellets Veda -
Uderground - Area 6
EnMatter Ore Treasure

Hydrogen Steam Blausarium -
Magerian Mist Caldorite -
Solis Bean Lysterium -
Typhonolic Steam Ospra -
Crude Oil Quantium -
Sweetstuff Zulax -
Uderground - Area 7
EnMatter Ore Treasure

Crude Oil Hebredite Flint Axe
Hydrogen Steam Ignisium Fly Amber
Ares Head Iron -
Force Nexus Terrudite -
- Zinc -